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Dates and Locale settings in Python

Just a few notes on how date and time formats can be affected by the locale setting in python. Advertisements

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Python Dates Times and Timezones

Dealing with time zones is hard, you may know what time zone you are in but what happens when you want to convert your local time to that in another timezone?

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Pycon WiPy boot script

I use the following python script to connect automatically to my wireless network, set the time and configure the FTP service on my device.

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Manually configuring the network on my WiPy

When I received my Pycon WiPy 2.0 board the first thing I did was to work out how to connect it to my network, normally you would do this automatically in the ‘boot.py’ script but before you an update this … Continue reading

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Displaying a list of the named colours available in Pygame

When using pygame it seems a good idea to use named colours as this makes it a little more obvious what is going on.

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