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Accessing the AlphaServer DS10 Remote Management Console

The AlphaServer DS10 has a separate processor on the system motherboard that allows and operator to control the system via the serial (console) port using the Remote Management Console (RMC). Advertisements

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Pycon WiPy boot script

I use the following python script to connect automatically to my wireless network, set the time and configure the FTP service on my device.

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Uploading files to a WiPy device using FTP

I used the following commands to connect to my Pycon WiPy 2.0 development board and up load a new ‘’ script to the flash folder.

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Manually configuring the network on my WiPy

When I received my Pycon WiPy 2.0 board the first thing I did was to work out how to connect it to my network, normally you would do this automatically in the ‘’ script but before you an update this … Continue reading

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Upgrading the firmware on a PySense

Having received my new ‘pysense’ expansion board I quickly discovered that I needed to update the firmware.

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Rainbows on a WiPy 2.0

Having got my WiPy connected to my Wireless network I wrote the following script mainly as a way of testing the process of updating (which is the python script that is executed automatically when the4 WiPy 2.0 finishes booting), … Continue reading

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Connecting my WiPy to my WiFi

By default the WiPy 2.0 advertises it self as a wireless access point with a default SSID, IP address, username and password. This makes sense as the factory default since unless you use the USB serial console the only way … Continue reading

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Python and the Internet of things with a WiPy 2.0

While browsing the RS catalog the other evening (I lead an exciting life) I came across the WiPy 2.0. It is most certainly NOT the same sort of beast as a Raspberry Pi but it isn’t meant to be! It … Continue reading

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Allow ordinary users to use the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

Normally unless you are a super user you will get the following error message (or something similar) when you try to run a scripts that attempts to modify the Sense HAT display.

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Fun with a Sense-Hat

Just before the Raspberry Pi 3 came out I brought myself a Sense HAT – after all who doesn’t like lots of flashing LEDs. I also brought a Pibow case and some nylon spacers.

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