Enable root logins using ssh in Debian 8.0 (jessie)

By default you can no longer login using ssh as root with just a password since it is more secure to use a pre-shared key. However, you can you can still enable root logins using password authentication.
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How to not to install recommended packages in Debian 8.x (jessie)

One of the reasons I really like linux is that generally you can choose what you want to install, the granularity available isn’t as much as it once was but it is still relatively easy to keep the number of packages installed to a minimum by not installing the recommended packages.
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Installing MATE on Debian 8.0 (jessie)

I don’t actively dislike the GNOME 3 look and feel, but I don’t really like it either and much prefer the MATE Desktop environment. I have installed MATE from the backports repository and have been using it with Debian wheezy for a while, but now that Debian 8.0 (jessie) has been released I decided it was finally time to upgrade.
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Script to start connect to remote desktop using XDMCP

As readers of my previous posts may have noticed I’m a bit of a fan of being able to work on multiple desktops, however trying to remember the right command parameters, or keep track of the next available display number is a little tedious so I wrote a short script to make like a little easier.
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Using DNS to block access to selected sites

I use IPCOP and URL filter to block unintentional access to undesirable or high risk sites to reduce the risk of a ‘drive-by download’ attack, but have found that preventing access to sites using HTTPS using URL filter doesn’t work so I needed an alternative solution that would work for a small number of sites.
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Rethinking the Rhythmbox interface

I really like what these guys have come up with, I don’t use Rhythmbox myself yet but given the clean look and feel of this new interface (and the fact that I already know it works rather well as a music player) I will probably give this a try when jessie is released and I finally decide to upgrade my new machine…

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Configure UFW to allow conenctions to bridged network interfaces using tap/tun

Obviously UFW does not affect network protocols like DECnet or LAT but to allow incoming TCP/IP connections to a tap/tun interface that is being used by SIMH or QEMU you need to modify the firewall rules. Continue reading

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