Viewing files on an Android phone using Debian 8.0 (jessie)

I wanted to pull some photographs off my android phone at the weekend, so I plugged it in and nothing happened (well nothing useful anyway). I quickly remembered that you need support for mtpfs…
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Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 2

I happen to know some Ubuntu fans (you know who you are) so I was rather pleased to find that Ubuntu MATE is available for the Raspberry Pi 2 – now they have no excuse not to get one!

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I don’t like installing stuff on my system I don’t need but do find that being able to take screenshots useful – particularly when writing up articles for this blog. However while the screenshot utility used to be a separate package in earlier versions of Debian if you are using the MATE desktop environment it is part of the ‘mate-utils’ package which includes several other utilities I don’t use.
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Adding nVidia video drivers to Debian 8.0 (jessie)

Getting the nVidia drivers to work on whatever the current version of Debian can sometimes be a bit of a chore, there were binary drivers available in ‘lenny’, you had to download them and compile them for ‘squeeze’, and ‘wheezy’ was slightly different again.
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Minecraft OpenGL crash loading game

Minecraft seems to be everywhere and one of the nice things about it is that it will run quite happily on Linux (actually there are some things like manipulating ‘.jar’ files that are probably easier on Linux), and if you are a thinking of trying out Linux but are put off by not being able run Minecraft then the good news is that getting it too work on Linux isn’t hard – but occasionally something unexpected happens as it did to me recently.
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Enable verbose startup messages in Debian 8.x (Jessie)

By default Debain no longer displays the any output while the system is booting, however it can be quite useful to see what is going on particularly when trying to debug a system that isn’t behaving.
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Enable root logins using ssh in Debian 8.0 (jessie)

By default you can no longer login using ssh as root with just a password since it is more secure to use a pre-shared key. However, you can you can still enable root logins using password authentication.
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