Highlighting source code

Until now getting my code to look the way I wanted using WordPress was a real pain, highlighting keywords and replacing any ‘special’ characters with the corresponding HTML code is technically easy enough but it is very repetitive process and prone to silly errors.
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GNOME3 Modifying the desktop appearance

Modifying the look and feel of the GNOME 3 desktop is generally straight forward.
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GNOME 3 Customizing the login screen

Modifying the look and feel of the GNOME 3 login screen seems like it is a lot harder than it should be, not least because the way these settings are stored seems to have changed at least twice since the original releases of the GNOME 3.
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Minimal GNOME 3 Install on Debian (jessie)

I thought it was time to sit down and see if I could work out how do a minimal installation of GNOME 3. It is not secret that it isn’t my favorite desktop but I’d thought I’d give it another go, and I was pleasantly surprised, my first impressions were not nearly as bad as I remember the last time I tried installing it. Although this is probably because I’ve upgraded my system and now have a rather nice new workstation.
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Synchronizing remote folders

I’ve been experimenting with my latest Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT for a while and having got everything working I just wanted to copy over some files from my desktop.
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