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Integer Mandlebrot Set in BASIC-80

As I was looking through my old CP/M files earlier when I found this I couldn’t resist converting it to something a little more old fashioned. Advertisements

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Maze drawing in FORTRAN-80

I was looking through some of my old CP/M files (running on a virtual ALTAIR Z80 using simh) when I can across this old FORTRAN IV program.

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VMS File Operations (for beginners)

I first encountered VMS sometime in the 1980’s after having used an ICL1900 and a DEC System 20 and I’ve been a bit of a fan ever since, particularly of the file system which supports file versioning, which is something … Continue reading

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Configure a network interface to have no IP address

I have two network interfaces in my workstation and I wanted to dedicate one to a separate network to use with my real and simulated MicroVAXs. The first problem was how to bring the second interface up without giving it … Continue reading

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Multiplication tables using implicit DO loops

While sorting through some old FORTRAN notes I found what amounted to a one line program, which was included as a minimalistic example of what could be achieved using implicit DO loops.

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