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Display download progress

Occasionally I want to display a user-friendly progress bar when doing something in a script, usually downloading a file.

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Press Any Key to Continue…

Just to remind myself this one liner that does exactly what it says on the tin!

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Installing updates from behind a firewall

If you are behind a web-proxy then installing packages or updating your system requires that the environment variable http_proxy is defined first – this then tells the system to use a web-proxy. The only problem is that you need to … Continue reading

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Compairing version numbers

There are differences between versions of some of the relatively common utilities that occasionally make it necessary to check which version is installed in a script, but comparing version numbers in a script is quite hard – fortunately if you … Continue reading

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Reconfiguring locales

Recently when rebuilding on of my machines I encountered and error when I tried to install X windows.

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