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Full screen video playback on the console

You can play back video on the console of without installing a graphical interface providing you enable the framebuffer. Advertisements

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Configuring X Windows on a Virtual Machine

When using X windows on a virtual machine I have found that the screen resolution is detected automatically it can often default to a maximum resolution of 1024×768 pixels – sometimes you can select a better resolution (by navigating to … Continue reading

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CentOS mirrors

Unlike Debian which prompts to select you location to determine the best mirror, CentOS will prompt you to enter the URL of the mirror server during the install.

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Minimal install of Debian (stretch)

This is really just an update of my previous post with a few minor changes to bring it up to date.

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Configuring wireless networking using MATE

I’ve been using MATE as my main desktop for some time so when it came to installing Linux on my new laptop (an HP 6470b that I picked up second-hand) it was the obvious choice.

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