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Including optional debugging code in ‘C’

A short post showing my preferred way of including optional debugging code in ‘C’ in a way that is compatible with ANSI ‘C’ compilers. Advertisements

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Dates and Locale settings in Python

Just a few notes on how date and time formats can be affected by the locale setting in python.

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Specifying file format when compiling with gcc

I don’t normally bother checking my code into a version control system for a minor little project, but I still like to keep older versions of the source code around.

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A minimal implementation of ‘cat’ in C

No particular reason but I needed something a little more complicated than the ubiquitous Hello World, so I opted for a minimal implementation of cat.

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Python Dates Times and Timezones

Dealing with time zones is hard, you may know what time zone you are in but what happens when you want to convert your local time to that in another timezone?

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