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Script to connect to remote desktop using XDMCP

As readers of my previous posts may have noticed I’m a bit of a fan of being able to work on multiple desktops, however trying to remember the right command parameters, or keep track of the next available display number … Continue reading

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Install and configure the Uncomplicated Firewall

To provide some protection against threats originating from the internet you should configure your system with a host based firewall to control any incoming connections, and only open up the ports you need. Linux firewalls are typically configured using ‘iptables’ … Continue reading

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Display DECWindows on Linux X Server

I have finally managed to work out how to bring up a DEC Windows login screen on my Linux system using TCP/IP, unfortunately since I’m still running a very old version of VMS it wasn’t quite as transparent as I’d … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop using X Windows

A few weeks ago I posted an ‘interesting’ picture showing that is was possible to access the desktop on one machine from another – and then access another machine from the second and so on.

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Nested Desktops

Having successfully worked out how to connect to the desktop on one machine from another using XDMCP I thought is would be fun to see just how far you could take that idea.

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