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Rethinking the Rhythmbox interface

I really like what these guys have come up with, I don’t use Rhythmbox myself yet but given the clean look and feel of this new interface (and the fact that I already know it works rather well as a … Continue reading

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Adding sound to MATE

When I originally wrote up how to install MATE I did not include the packages you need to enable audio play back (my excuse is that I was aiming to install as little as possible).

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Switching to Pulse Audio on MATE Desktop

I’m a rather conservative type and I’ve been using ALSA as my audio back-end for longer then I can remember.

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Monitoring Media Player using Python

Having worked out how to use Python to run CGI scripts and installed Music Player I decided that I needed to combine the two so I could monitor which tracks were playing.

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Installing Music Player

Having sorted out how to get sound out of my previously mute Raspberry Pi, and been rather surprised at the result, the question was what to do with it. The obvious answer of course being to use it as a … Continue reading

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Enable Analogue Audio Output (Raspberry Pi)

If you want to enable the Raspberry Pi to play sounds using the analogue 3.5mm jack output you need to make sure the right kernel modules are loaded and that the audio mixer is configured to use the right output.

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