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VAX/VMS Standalone Backup

Before using VMS Standalone Backup you need to install the Standalone Backup files on a suitable boot device.

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Minimum Supported VMS Versions

As most of the links on the original pages are now broken I decided to post my own copy of the minimum supported VMS versions for VAX and Alpha systems here so I can find them again!

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Configure UFW to allow conenctions to bridged network interfaces using tap/tun

Obviously UFW does not affect network protocols like DECnet or LAT but to allow incoming TCP/IP connections to a tap/tun interface that is being used by SIMH or QEMU you need to modify the firewall rules.

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Networking with SIMH (or QEMU) using TUN/TAP

I use the SIMH simulator to allow me to run VAX/VMS on my linux desktop using an OpenVMS Hobbyist license. Compiling simh and getting a simulated MicroVAX II running on my Raspberry Pi was relatively easy.

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Display DECWindows on Linux X Server

I have finally managed to work out how to bring up a DEC Windows login screen on my Linux system using TCP/IP, unfortunately since I’m still running a very old version of VMS it wasn’t quite as transparent as I’d … Continue reading

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