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Set keyboard layout on an Alphaserver DS10

A very short one liner straight from the manual – just to save me remembering where I put it! The keyboard layout use by the console is selected by the language environment variable.

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Accessing the AlphaServer DS10 Remote Management Console

The AlphaServer DS10 has a separate processor on the system motherboard that allows and operator to control the system via the serial (console) port using the Remote Management Console (RMC).

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Minimum Supported VMS Versions

As most of the links on the original pages are now broken I decided to post my own copy of the minimum supported VMS versions for VAX and Alpha systems here so I can find them again!

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Testing disks on an Alphaserver

It is possible to use the built-in exerciser to test the disks in an Alphaserver from the console.

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Switch Alphaserver Console modes

Even though I normally use my Alphaserver DS10 as a Linux workstation with a locally connected screen, keyboard and mouse I still use the serial console.

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Configuring Debian Linux to use the Serial Console on an Alphaserver

If you configure your Alpha Server to use the serial interface before installing the operating system you will have to explicitly tell the installer to use the serial console when you boot from the install CD.

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