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Enable Shutdown and Restart for Remote Sessions

If you are connecting to an X Window session on one machine remotly from another machine running X Windows then by default you will not be able to shut down or reboot the system from the login screen, and will … Continue reading

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Installing MATE on Raspbian/Debian 8.0 (jessie)

I don’t actively dislike the GNOME 3 look and feel, but I don’t really like it either and much prefer the MATE Desktop environment. Previously I installed MATE from the backports repository and used it with Debian wheezy for a … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop using VNC

While working out how to use (or some might say abuse) X windows to allow me access the desktop on several remote systems with different desktop environments and window managers I discovered that it is possible to use both XDMCP … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop using X Windows

A few weeks ago I posted an ‘interesting’ picture showing that is was possible to access the desktop on one machine from another – and then access another machine from the second and so on.

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Nested Desktops

Having successfully worked out how to connect to the desktop on one machine from another using XDMCP I thought is would be fun to see just how far you could take that idea.

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