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Finding your Raspberry Pi using nmap

There have been a number of times when having got my Raspberry Pi all set up and ready to take time-lapse photographs, or just when I think I have finished configuring it as a music player, the moment I tuck … Continue reading

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Configure UFW to allow conenctions to bridged network interfaces using tap/tun

Obviously UFW does not affect network protocols like DECnet or LAT but to allow incoming TCP/IP connections to a tap/tun interface that is being used by SIMH or QEMU you need to modify the firewall rules.

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Install and configure UFW (Firewall)

To provide some protection against threats originating from the internet you should configure your system with a host based firewall to control any incoming connections, and only open up the ports you need. Linux firewalls are typically configured using ‘iptables’ … Continue reading

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