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Configuring wireless networking using MATE

I’ve been using MATE as my main desktop for some time so when it came to installing Linux on my new laptop (an HP 6470b that I picked up second-hand) it was the obvious choice.

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Setting the Display Resolution on a Virtual Machine

If you install a recent version of Linux on a virtual machine you may find that the default display resolution is rather low. You may be able to select a better resolution (by navigating to system → preferences → monitors) … Continue reading

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Rainbows on a WiPy 2.0

Having got my WiPy connected to my Wireless network I wrote the following script mainly as a way of testing the process of updating (which is the python script that is executed automatically when the4 WiPy 2.0 finishes booting), … Continue reading

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Display download progress

Occasionally I want to display a user-friendly progress bar when doing something in a script, usually downloading a file.

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Press Any Key to Continue…

Just to remind myself this one liner that does exactly what it says on the tin!

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