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Configuring a Transparent Tor proxy

Having successfully configured a Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point I decided to see if I could use a similar approach to build a transparent Tor proxy. Advertisements

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Raw sockets with Python

What do you do if you want to see if you are receiving any packets on specific network port, well you could use a tool like TCPDump – or you could do something using a short python script.

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Configuring a linux wireless access point

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again…

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Reassigning network device names

I recently wanted to experiment with one of my machines by adding a second network card and using it to forward packets from one network to another.

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Fancy Bear Malware – What too look for

If you care about securing your network then it is worth reading this (even if you don’t use Windows).

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Warning RPMDB altered outside of yum

This is just a warning that a package has been installed or removed directly using  rpm  command instead of  yum .

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Removing version numbers from … well anything

This one liner can remove the version numbers from any string (providing they start with a hyphen and a digit).

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Access BIOS boot options using VMware Workstation

To access the BIOS you need to press ‘F2’ when prompted at the POST screen.

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Using RPM to find package dependencies

I recently discovered that is it actually rather difficult to determine which packages depend on a particular package using the RedHat Package Manager, and I ended up writing a short script to list all the dependencies for a particular package.

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Comparing lists of things…

Obviously when I want to compare two files I’m going to use  diff .

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