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Configuring ssh on Debian (stretch)

SSH is usually the first thing I enable on any of my systems – being able to access them remotely is just so much easier! Even if it is just from the other side of the room and as Debian … Continue reading

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Display IP address in banner text

Rather then use the console when working on a system I generally prefer to connect remotely using ‘ssh’ as it is so much easier to be able to cut and paste from a terminal session on my workstation that way.

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Synchronizing remote folders

I’ve been experimenting with my latest Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT for a while and having got everything working I just wanted to copy over some files from my desktop.

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Enable root logins using ssh in Debian 8.0 (Jessie)

By default you can no longer login using ssh as root with just a password since it is more secure to use a pre-shared key. However, you can you can still enable root logins using password authentication.

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Using DNS to block access to selected sites

I use IPCOP and URL filter to block unintentional access to undesirable or high risk sites to reduce the risk of a ‘drive-by download’ attack, but have found that preventing access to sites using HTTPS using URL filter doesn’t work … Continue reading

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Disable SSL 3.0 in Firefox

A vulnerability in SSL 3.0 (POODLE) could allow an attacker to obtain clear text data (such as cookies). Modern web browsers support newer stronger encryption methods which are not vulnerable. Unfortunately to ensure backwards compatibility they will silently revert to using … Continue reading

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Install and configure the Uncomplicated Firewall

To provide some protection against threats originating from the internet you should configure your system with a host based firewall to control any incoming connections, and only open up the ports you need. Linux firewalls are typically configured using ‘iptables’ … Continue reading

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