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Enable root Logins

By default the root password is locked to prevent you from being able to login as root on Debian/Raspbian, and for good reason. Advertisements

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Changing network device names

The latest versions of the kernel now rely on the BIOS enumeration of device names which means that the name of the network interface can change depending on your bus configuration (specifically where your network interface is connected).

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Configuring ssh on Debian (stretch)

SSH is usually the first thing I enable on any of my systems – being able to access them remotely is just so much easier! Even if it is just from the other side of the room and as Debian … Continue reading

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Minimal install of Debian (stretch)

This is really just an update of my previous post with a few minor changes to bring it up to date.

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Installing Budgie Desktop on Debian 9.x (stretch)

I don’t actively dislike the GNOME 3 look and feel, but I don’t really like it either and until now have tended to use the MATE Desktop, but now there is a new kid on the block that I think … Continue reading

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