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Raspberry Pi 3 Wireless Networking

I had a few minor issues getting the wireless networking to work on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B after I sorted out the minimal install using a Raspberry Pi 2. Basically as well as installing the appropriate firmware and … Continue reading

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Finding your Raspberry Pi using nmap

There have been a number of times when having got my Raspberry Pi all set up and ready to take time-lapse photographs, or just when I think I have finished configuring it as a music player, the moment I tuck … Continue reading

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Configure a network interface to have no IP address

I have two network interfaces in my workstation and I wanted to dedicate one to a separate network to use with my real and simulated MicroVAXs. The first problem was how to bring the second interface up without giving it … Continue reading

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Setting up a secure FTP server

I can’t believe I haven’t written this up before as I’ve been using an ftp server long enough! There are several different FTP servers available, including ProFTPD, WU-FTPD, Pure-FTPd, and vsftpd.

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Using DNS to block access to selected sites

I use IPCOP and URL filter to block unintentional access to undesirable or high risk sites to reduce the risk of a ‘drive-by download’ attack, but have found that preventing access to sites using HTTPS using URL filter doesn’t work … Continue reading

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