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Networking with SIMH (or QEMU) on Debian (buster)

When upgrading my system I discovered that there are some obvious (and not so obvious) changes needed to my original post on order to get networking to work with SIMH and QEMU.

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Script to set the MTU size in RedHat

The following script makes it easy to set the MTU size if you are using RedHat or CentOS 7.x, and has also been tested successfully on RedHat 6.x.

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Determine MTU size using ping

Normally the MTU size should be set correctly using Path MTU discovery, but this may not always work.

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Configuring a Transparent Tor proxy

Having successfully configured a Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point I decided to see if I could use a similar approach to build a transparent Tor proxy.

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Raw sockets with Python

What do you do if you want to see if you are receiving any packets on specific network port, well you could use a tool like TCPDump – or you could do something using a short python script.

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Reassigning network device names

I recently wanted to experiment with one of my machines by adding a second network card and using it to forward packets from one network to another.

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Setting up Wireless Networking on Debian Stretch

When setting up my latest Raspberry Pi recently I discovered that configuring the wireless network on Raspbian ‘Stretch’ is done slightly differently from previous versions.

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Displaying network addresses and netmasks

While trying to sort out a couple of subnets the other day I remembered that there is a handy perl script that does a nice job of displaying the characteristics of a particular network – to install it you need … Continue reading

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Setting the network MTU size

Though in general it is not necessary there are (rare) occasions when it is necessary to set the MTU size explicitly, generally caused by issues with path MTU discovery.

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Changing network device names

The latest versions of the kernel now rely on the BIOS enumeration of device names which means that the name of the network interface can change depending on your bus configuration (specifically where your network interface is connected).

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