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Listing all predefined values in GCC

If you need to check what built-in macros are already defined on the platform or version of GCC you are using you can use the following command to list all of them.

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Including optional debugging code in ‘C’

A short post showing my preferred way of including optional debugging code in ‘C’ in a way that is compatible with ANSI ‘C’ compilers.

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A (not so) minimal implementation of ‘cat’ in C

No particular reason but I needed something a little more complicated than the ubiquitous Hello World, so I opted for a minimal implementation of cat.

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Installing GCC

If you want to use the GNU C Compiler then as a minimum you need to install the compiler, help files (which you could argue are optional) and the runtime library.

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Password Generator

Personally I don’t like generated passwords but a little while ago I found myself wondering how difficult it would be to write a short bit of ‘C’ to generate a random password made up of three-letter groups consisting of a … Continue reading

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Installing Point Cloud Library

Recently I had to help someone get the Point Cloud Library and sample applications working under Linux using the Open NI Framework and a Microsoft Kinect for the XBOX 360. This isn’t exactly something you might want to do every … Continue reading

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