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Configuring a Transparent Tor proxy

Having successfully configured a Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point I decided to see if I could use a similar approach to build a transparent Tor proxy. Advertisements

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Configuring a linux wireless access point

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again…

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Reassigning network device names

I recently wanted to experiment with one of my machines by adding a second network card and using it to forward packets from one network to another.

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Check OS version (Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian)

There are several ways to check which version of Debian, Ubuntu or Raspbian you are running.

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Python Dates Times and Timezones

Dealing with time zones is hard, you may know what time zone you are in but what happens when you want to convert your local time to that in another timezone?

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Installing pygame on Debian

There isn’t anything difficult about this once you remember what the package name is so this is more of a reminder to myself than anything else!

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Download installed packages

This script will determine what packages you have installed and download a copy of each package to you current folder.

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Booting in Text Mode with GRUB2

Usually GRUB’s auto detection of the possible screen resolutions works well, but it can be a bit of a pain in the rear when it doesn’t! As a result I normally configure my servers to boot in text mode which … Continue reading

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Disable IPv6 and new network device names in Debian ‘stretch’

My router doesn’t support IPv6 and I prefer to use the old network device names so I disabled them both by passing ipv6.disable=1 net.ifnames=0 to the kernel when the system boots.

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Installing GCC

If you want to use the GNU C Compiler then as a minimum you need to install the compiler, help files (which you could argue are optional) and the runtime library.

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