Setting the network MTU size

Though in general it is not necessary there are (rare) occasions when it is necessary to set the MTU size explicitly, generally caused by issues with path MTU discovery.
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Configuring Network Interfaces in RedHat

A minimal install of RedHat 7.x does not enable the network by default (network interfaces are enabled when you login to the GUI bu the network manager – which doesn’t work if there is no GUI).
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Changes to Skype (and issues with sound quality)

I’ve been using Skype 4.3 for Linux quite happily with relatively few issues until now but since the older versions will no longer work I have had to upgrade.
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Changing network device names

The latest versions of the kernel now rely on the BIOS enumeration of device names which means that the name of the network interface can change depending on your bus configuration (specifically where your network interface is connected).
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Full screen video playback on the console

You can play back video on the console of without installing a graphical interface providing you enable the framebuffer.
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