Check remaining disk space

The following commands will check to see if you are running out of disk space and warn you when any partition has 20% or less free space.

_space=$(df -T|grep -v "tmpfs"|grep -v "iso"|cut -d "%" -f1|rev|cut -d " " -f1|rev|sort -n|tail -1)
case "$_space" in 100) echo 'Alert: Disk full!!';;[89][0-9]) echo "Warning: Disk space low... ($_space%)";;esac

I find it useful to include these commands in my .bashrc file so they run automatically. If you want a more granular warning messages you can add additional tests into the case statement. In the example below I’ve added an additional test to check to see if any partition has less then 5% space remaining, and included a couple of escape characters to provide an audiable warning (which usually only works on the console).

case "$_space" in 100) echo 'Alert: Disk full!!';;[9][5-9]) echo $'\bCaution: Less than 5% disk space remaining\b';;[89][0-9]) echo "Warning: Disk space low... ($_space%)";;esac
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