Reconfiguring locales

Recently when rebuilding on of my machines I encountered and error when I tried to install X windows.

Setting up xserver-xorg (1:7.3+20) ...
xserver-xorg postinst warning: failed to infer keyboard layout
from layout/lang
   '10 debian-installer/keymap doesn't exist--en_GB'

Oops – it looks like there is something wrong with the locale settings – no idea why but I guess that to fix it I need to check the installed locales. To do this I need to be logged in as a superuser.

$ su


$ sudo -i

# apt-get update

Then we just need to check the locale settings by reconfiguring the package that provides them.

# dpkg-reconfigure locales

dpkg-reconfigure_localeWell that explains the error, the ‘en_GB‘ locale isn’t available…

Easily fixed.


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