Listing removable media

While I was going through the process of writing up the process of putting an Ubuntu MATE image for the Raspberry Pi2 on to an SD card it occurred to me that there ought to be an easy way for beginners using linux to find out what removable storage devices are connected to their system, you don’t want to overwrite the wrong one by accident!

A bit of messing about with Google turned up vairous possible solutions; listing removable devices in /sys/block; using df to list the free space on all disks; or lsusb to list all USB devices. The problem is that for a beginner the results will be different on each machine and need some interpretation in order to work out which device refers to what. Fortunately I found a very neat little script here that lists all the removable USB storage devices on the ssytem so you can easily see which one is which, and there is also a very good explanation of how it all works. All you need to do it create a bash script and paste the relevent code from the page into it.

$ nano

   grep -Hv ^0$ /sys/block/*/removable |
   sed s/removable:.*$/device\\/uevent/ |
   xargs grep -H ^DRIVER=sd |
   sed s/device.uevent.*$/size/ |
   xargs grep -Hv ^0$ |
   cut -d / -f 4

for dev in ${USBKEYS[@]} ;do
   echo $dev \"$(
      sed -e s/\ *$//g </sys/block/$dev/device/model
      )\" ;

Then you just need to make it executable before running it. In my case I have several USB storage devices plugged in, CRW-CF/MD is my compact flash card from my camera, it is hopefully reasonably obvious that CRW-SD is the my SD card, and the third device is a Kingston USB stick.

$ chmod +x
$ ./
sdd "USB3.0 CRW-CF/MD"
sde "USB3.0 CRW-SD"
sdg "DataTraveler 2.0"

My thanks to F HAURI for including an excellent write up with his solution.

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