Setting default file type in Abiword

My preferred word processor under Linux is Abiword, but for compatibility I’d like it to default to saving files using the Open Document format (".odt") rather than the default Abiword Format (".abw"), so I don’t have to worry about remembering to import them when using Open Office.

To change the default document type you need to modify the system wide profile, to do this you need to be running as root.

$ su

Then edit the system profile file, the exact patch depends on the version of Abiword you have installed – as you can see I’m still using a rather old distribution!

# vi /usr/share/abiword-2.6/system.profile

Add the following line to the system defaults section in the file to change the default file type (if you prefer to have it save everything as a Microsoft Word document you can substitute ".doc" for ".odt").

<!-- AbiSuite/AbiWord/system.profile
****  -->


Next time you save a new document it should default to ".odt".

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