Testing disks on an Alphaserver

It is possible to use the built in exerciser to test the disks in an Alphaserver from the console.

However if you want to test that you can write to the disk you need to change the device protection first.  Make sure that you really want to do this before making the change as enabling writes will allow the exercise to overwrite the contents of the disk.

List all the installed disks

>>> show device d
dka0.0.0.1004.0        DKA0
dqa0.         DQA0




Attempting to exercise the first hard disk by reading and writing sectors using the exerciser with out changing the device permissions fails.

>>> exer dka0 -a 'rw'
dka0.0.0.1004.0 is write protected
file open failed for dka0

If we change the device permissions first then it succeeds, note we need to specify the full device name.

>>> chmod +wr dka0.0.0.1004.0

>>> exer dka0 -a 'rw'

It is possible to use the exerciser to write a predefined pattern (or zeros) to the whole disk.

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