Installing Point Cloud Library

Recently I had to help someone get the Point Cloud Library and sample applications working under Linux using the Open NI Framework and a Microsoft Kinect for the XBOX 360. This isn’t exactly something you might want to do every day but the results were quite ‘interesting’ and besides I got it working…
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Install and configure UFW (Firewall)

To provide some protection against threats originating from the internet you should configure your system with a host based firewall to control any incoming connections, and only open up the ports you need. Linux firewalls are typically configured using ‘iptables’ which is well-known for being difficult and complicated to configure properly.
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Adding sound to MATE

When I originally wrote up how to install MATE I did not include the packages you need to enable audio play back (my excuse is that I was aiming to install as little as possible).
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Enabling an Intel Pro 2200 wireless network card

Since MATE was now available in the Debian repositories I decided to see how well one of my older laptops (an HP 510 with a 1.4 Ghz Celeron CPU and 512MB RAM) would cope.
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MATE now available on Debian

The MATE Desktop packages are now available in the official Debian package repositories
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More fun with a webcam

I had some time recently to be able to mess about with motion which is a free, open source, software motion detector.
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Raspberry Pi Camera Setup

I know I’m not the first person to get the Camera working on my Raspberry Pi, and if you are using the default SD card image everything should work just fine out of the box. However if (like me) you have installed Raspbian from scratch then you may find that a bit of googling will be needed to get everything working. There isn’t anything new in this post, I’ve just tried to collect everything together in one place.
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